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It can take a long time to find a good site, and this can be annoying if you are a huge watch online fan! Even more so if your cable TV does not offer the sports/event/TV-series/movie due to potential TV channel restrictions. Sometimes you may even need to pay extra to be able to watch online free streaming. This is why I have made an easy list of the best free streaming website for watching online HD. The site are great to watch nfl, college football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, racing, rugby, tennis, fighting and many more but you can also stream other online event such as awards, TV show and Movie .

We tell you where you can find the any event online streaming live as well as sites that offer replays of the event – just in case you missed it. Plus there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when watching online. Not all online sports streams are free. These posts will help you navigate through the fine print and let you know what you can expect if you do sign-up free for an online video package.

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